Kiteboard Pro World Tour : World Cup 2003

Featuring KPWT World Champions : Charles Deleau (France) and Rebecca Nicholson (Australia)

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Durée : 1h30
Type : programme
Peoples : Charles Deleau : sportif
Rebecca Nicholson : sportif
Aaron Hadlow : sportif
Tom Herbert : sportif

The Kiteboard Pro World 2003 has come to an end in Nouméa (New-Caledonia) after 4 rounds all around the world : - Cap D'Agde - France - Istanbul - Turkey - Durban - South Africa - Nouméa - New Caledonia This season has revealed new talents performing a large range of new jumps with a smooth style. The young kids' revolution has started with their main leaders Aaron Hadlow (UK) and Tom Hebert (New Caledonia). Tom Herbert already impressed us last year with his style and his skills. When Aaron Hadlow turned up in the Cap) d'Agde and in Turkey, coached by his father, he astonished everybody. This new wave of riders is very promising for the future of the Tour and extremely interesting for our public. Kiteboarding is a young sport with a huge development all around the world. The different nationalities represented on the KPWT are very significant : South-Africa, Israël, Australia, New-Zealand, Portugal, France etc. We prove it every year with the increasing number of riders and the new locations selected for the Tour like South-Africa. Charles Deleau, our 2003 KPWT World Champion, His talent supported by his efforts and his regularity has paid : Congratulations Mister Deleau ! The 2003 season was a living Dream for "Beck's", Rebecca Nicholson ! Her dream has come true. She is World Champion.

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